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I'm currently in New York at The Metropolitan Opera rehearsing to reprise my role as British Dancing Girl in 'The Death of Klinghoffer' by John Adams (Composer). On Monday I finished rehearsal early. I donned a hat and sunglasses and slipped into the anti-Klinghoffer protest going on outside the Met. The first thing that struck me was their anger. There was a lot of shouting. There were a few hundred of them. The second thing was, it was very clear that none of the speakers had actually seen the opera. The consensus was that this opera was anti-semitic and glorified terrorism, and no one questioned that or delved any deeper into it. Actually no one really mentioned the content of the opera at all, though one man was handing out sheets with the libretto from Rambo's aria, completely devoid of context or any explanation of Rambo's character. 'You will be made to destroy that set! We will be here every night until the set is burned to the ground!' one speaker said. Clearly they haven't seen the set. It's mostly metal and rubble and I can't imagine it would burn very effectively. It's quite big too - I wondered where they could possibly spark up a bonfire of that size in Manhattan. Maybe they'd have to take it out to Jersey in a truck first. A woman - some sort of consultant for the UN - spoke, and I was struck by the MC's response afterwards. 'What a great gal!' he exclaimed. The organisers had bussed in several dozen high school students, who were mostly chatting up the back and taking selfies. As I was leaving, I asked a few of them if they'd studied the opera in school. They replied no. I asked them why they were here. 'It's anti-semitic!' one said. 'What about the ISIS beheadings? Do you think there should be a play about beheadings?' one of them asked me. (I just saw the play of Wolf Hall in London but I couldn't really be bothered getting into it. They had already been told what to think by their teacher.) I heard one girl say to her friends, 'You GUYS! This is not the time for selfies!' Protesters harassed well-dressed audience members on their way to opening night of The Marriage of Figaro. One speaker said the Met was trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator which is young and ignorant people. He did have a point there. Most young ignorant people I know are totally mad for John Adams and modern opera.

Kate Miller-Heidke
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Happy O Vertigo! Day! EXCLAMATION MARK!   Thank you to everyone who has been saying lovely things about it.   You have warmed me to the heart of my cockles. And a big thanks to all who pledged.   The final figure was 226% of my target, making this the most successful direct-to-fan campaign EVER.   We made history, people! O Vertigo! is in stores and on iTunes now. Here’s a performance of O Vertigo! (the song) I did on the TODAY show earlier this week.   Love Kate x  
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Kate Miller-Heidke
Posted 14 Mar 2014
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